Ivan Mann – Midland Appliance

The training did not disappoint! There were many details that stood out that were great, including the time spent on each individual category and the order in which they were presented. The best experience was the final cooking demonstration where we were able to see from start to finish the process of Guiding Cooking along with how each individual appliance and feature plays a role. I think hands-on experience is of the utmost importance for both sales associates and clients. The trip was full of informative information and was planned in a very efficient manner. I admire and appreciate all the hard work and behind the scenes that went on to ensure the success of the entire experience. p>


Avneet Madray – Castle Kitchens

Daniel and Jonatan did a great job training us on the Dacor products. The training was very interactive and engaging. Their teaching skills is what resonated the most with me. Coming in to the experience, I did not know a whole lot about the product line; I left as a Dacor expert.


Aaron Cohen – Best Brand Appliance

Another thing I would like to add is that I have done a training program in Montreal with another Luxury brand where they really did not know how to engage with the sales reps and really just spat out a bunch of useless information. This training experience with Daniel and Jonatan really blew me away with how everything was organized and how the training session was presented. I feel that we covered all Dacor appliance categories with the perfect touch of appliance knowledge and day to day use as well as hands on use of all the appliances. 20 out of 10! This really was the best experience I've ever had with an Appliance company and I can truly say I am now an expert of the full lineup of Dacor Appliances. p>


Derek Cameron – Canadian Appliance Source

The engagement of the entire Dacor training Team was simply amazing for the entire journey! They were engaging, incredibly informative and kept the pace fun and informative the whole time! Would love the opportunity to go again!p>

Khaldoon Al-Warhani – Canadian Appliance Source

Dacor is a great brand with lots of innovation. Events like this shed the light on those innovations and luxurious quality. The trainers did an amazing job in highlighting the quality and innovation. Everything was very well organized from the moment we got to the hotel to the time we left for the airport. A very unique and luxurious experience that will reflect on our annual Dacor sales.

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