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We believe that with the right tools, the kitchen can become a stage. Design by Dacor is our commitment to that belief, as we provide products that seek to transfer what we imagine a kitchen to be, and the resources to help you realize your vision.

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DacorMatch DacorMatch - Color Wheel

DacorMatch Make it your own

Customize the finish of your product with DacorMatch to bring your inspiration to life.

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Meet the team of leading designers that guide the latest innovations and styles from Dacor.

Handcrafted Quality

Made in California

Our products are handcrafted with a premium design aesthetic that is made with authentic, high-quality materials, right here in California.

Design by Dacor - Handcrafted Quality
Relentless Innovation

Design and technology collide.

We've integrated the latest in technological innovations to bring convenience and ease of use to professional-grade appliances.

Design by Dacor - Relentless Innovation
Unrivaled Performance

High design meets high performance.

Refined in the uncompromising environment of professional kitchens, Dacor products unleash a redefined cooking experience within any kitchen whether more traditional or contemporary, while offering an unparalleled sense of design sophistication.

Design by Dacor - Unrivaled Performance

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