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Atelier Edition

Dacor introduces the Atelier Edition—refrigerator as art. Our special edition, all-porcelain interior refrigerator and freezers feature hand-painted fine art by celebrated artists like Ann Agee to fulfill luxury customers' needs for self-expression, creativity and inspiration throughout the home, including the kitchen. Ancient artisanal methods that harness the beauty of porcelain are combined with breakthrough technologies in resilience and strength to create exquisite porcelain interior walls that are strong enough to last a lifetime. The combination of exquisite hand-crafted design and cutting edge technology and engineering is a Dacor philosophy we call Techcraft—elevating the art of luxury to transform how we see and live in the kitchen.

  • MODEL NO. DRR30, DRZ30
  • DIMENSIONS W 41 1/4" | H 83 3/8" | D 83 3/8"



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