Casual Elegance
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Casual Elegance

Axiom Desert House by Turkel Design

Casual Elegance

Dacor recently partnered with Turkel Design in order to build the "Axiom Desert House", a luxury escape in Palm Springs, CA. The design team chose a prefabricated building method to ensure the utmost in design flexibility and creativity for the space. The home focused on establishing high-end elegance while still delivering on the casual nature that makes the owner feel most comfortable in their home.
Dacor appliances served as the difference-maker in the kitchen, seamlessly integrating into the design vision of the space, while providing the latest in cooking performance and technology.
The finished product was a home that feels timeless and unique, with all of the modern convenience that comes with choosing Dacor.

"The precision of the Dacor appliances and the way they are purposefully designed to facilitate that kind of architectural thinking was a lot of fun to work with, and I think the results really came out beautifully." - Joel Turkel

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